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That “All New” Feeling: 3 Ways to Refresh Your Favorite Spaces

by Allie Roqueta

POSTED IN: Design Trends, Featured Project

As the seasons begin to change and we prepare to refresh our spaces for spring, it’s understandable that you would want to take stock of your current design decisions. Do the colors you chose during your last remodel feel a bit dated? And when exactly was that last remodel? Has it been that long?

Today is the perfect day to start making a few updates. And with the new year comes a wonderful variety of Color of the Year selections that can make your most lived-in spaces feel brand-new.

Here are three of our favorite color-and-texture combinations leading into 2023, matched to specific renovation-ready spaces in the home:

The Living Room

Every detail in this room matters. Why? Because people are constantly in it. Plus, it usually has the most light and brings the most attention to the details. So, they matter.

If you look at the new Sherwin-Williams Terra Colormix® Forecast for 2023 and decide the Biome Color Pallete, with all of its “make you want to come home” colors, is the one for you, then our designers said to tell you to add in our Pro-Fit Alpine Ledgestone in Winterhaven.


Combining the earth tones with the bright Winterhaven stone gives the room dimension and elegance, not to mention an elegantly contemporary application of texture. All while somehow making the room still feel comfortable and welcoming. We’re not sure how to explain how it magically transforms, but it does.

The Bathroom

As unconventional as it may sound, you can make a statement with your powder rooms.

So often, we leave them dull and boring because we don’t exactly want to send people into the bathroom to see our decor and color choices. But in reality, there’s a statement to be made in these tiny rooms.

Consider a subtle refresh on color, thanks to the warmer selections included in the Sherwin-Williams Nexus Color Palette, paired with a large-format stone profile such as the Euro-inspired Cast Fit in Parchment. Then you’ll have family and friends wondering every time they see it, “Is this a powder room or a spa?”


Of everything they could say when exiting a room like that, this is pretty much the crème de la crème of commentary.

The Kitchen

It’s where the magic happens. And by magic, we mean that pasta rigatoni you’ve been planning to make from scratch for years yet somehow never get started. Maybe if you loved being in your kitchen a little bit more, it would finally get made.

A fresh touch of design might be just the right ingredient to get you into a “home chef” mindset more often.

Try pairing Shermin-Williams Nexus Color Palette with the rustic expressiveness of Country Ledgestone in Wheaton. The tawny silvers and cool, neutral grays of this unique profile are the perfect complement to achieve a brighter balance of colorways in this space.


Out with the macaroni and cheese, in with the rigatoni. At least, that’s what this combination will make you feel.

The ultimate goal is to create (or reimagine) spaces so that you love being in them. Whether you are building your home from the bare bones or want a face-lift for your current space, we’re here to help.

Call us if you want more pairing suggestions. We have many more up our sleeves!