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Textured Traditions: 3 Tips for Rock-Solid Seasonal Style

by Allie Roqueta

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Dining in a Winter Wonderland

A stunning table scape can make all the difference when you’re hosting a holiday gathering, even if your guests are visiting via Zoom. Regardless of the climate outside your home, you can be just a few design decisions away from creating a “Winter Wonderland” with sophisticated décor.

Enhance the rustic charm of your dining space by blending natural textures such as wooden chargers and fresh greenery with crisp, white place settings. Add height and dimension with a few candles, and your guests will be able to appreciate a multi-sensory escape into a snow-capped hinterland scene.

Although the frosted aesthetic can breathe life into a wide variety of existing spaces, it pairs best with light, open interiors with a touch of texture already implemented in the surfaces and accent pieces.


A Homey Hearth

No feature showcases the infusion of natural elements within the home better than the hearth. With its distinctive mix of fire, wood and brick or stone textures, the fireplace is an ideal area to incorporate personal touches that show off your softer side. For the holidays, upscale your surround with an elegant wreath free of embellishments, and use cozy stockings in the muted tones of Scandinavian style to elevate the warmth of the space all day long, even when the fire isn’t lit.

The focal point of your living space deserves to be accentuated in a way that underscores the design statement that you make every day. Match your décor to the same color palettes and textural touches that make this space the hub of your home in every season.

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Haute Cocoa in the Kitchen

Many of us associate the holidays with warm memories and decadent desserts. From cookies to cocoa, we love to indulge in an array of sweet treats. And there’s no place more perfect for a contemporary makeover than the very heart of the home. While most modern styles emphasize bright, white hues and clean lines throughout the home, the kitchen is another area where it pays to invest in warm accents and rustic textures that pull inspiration from the natural world.

From live edge wood countertops and shelving to light touches of greenery and cozy fabrics on barstools against the island, there’s a lot you can do to dress up the kitchen with a season-specific allure that spills over into all the other months of the year.

Ultimately, the choices you make during the holiday season don’t have to be temporary. You can make considerate, intentional changes now that will continue to elevate the look and feel of your favorite spaces for months and years to come. The most important thing to keep in mind is staying true to your vision as you tweak and enhance the design of your home.