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Influencing Mood With Color & Texture

by Allie Roqueta

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When you envision your idea of a perfectly styled space, what comes to mind? Perhaps it is an easy-breezy coastal-inspired getaway or a sleek, sophisticated modern space perfectly curated to host chic cocktail hours. Conceptualizing this ideal space feels easily attainable as it lives in our dreams, yet, despite our attempts to turn our visions into reality, the finished space often ends up feeling off.

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Our homes are intimate spaces, and the elements we choose to style them consequently bear the ability to influence the way we feel when we enter a room. With this in mind, it is all the more important to connect to the energy of your home on a deeper level and tap into how you want to feel when you enter a certain space. Often overlooked, design details such as color and texture can influence our brains’ perception and directly influence mood, emotion, and even energy levels.

When used intentionally, these details can be applied throughout the home to express personal style and speak to your senses on a deeper, psychological level. Here are a couple of ways you can remedy that off feeling by tapping into your unique lifestyle:

A Hue For Every Mood

Much like the ebbs and flows of life itself, the resonance we feel with certain colors can change and evolve over time, and we’re always on the outlook for fresh pops to boost our moods. When some of your favorite spaces start to lose their luster, sometimes all you need to consider is a quick palette cleanse. Deciding which colors best fit your lifestyle and complement your personality is typically where the magic happens.

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Thanks to what we know regarding color theory, the shades and hues we choose to incorporate in our homes can prompt a number of different psychological responses. The perception of color is highly personal, so pay close attention to how you respond to certain colorways. While bright hues of red and orange might be invigorating to some, these same shades may introduce feelings of anxiety and overstimulation to others.

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If you find yourself longing for a space that is calm and serene, you may find that you gravitate towards nature-inspired shades of greens and blues, or perhaps earth-toned neutrals that tend to be warm and welcoming. In contrast, deep dark shades of greys, purples, and even black are often associated with a sense of mystique and might speak to your senses on a soulful level.

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Pay close attention to the color palettes you naturally gravitate to and trust your intuition. Inevitably, with a bit of honest reflection and intentional color shifting, you are bound to begin loving your space all over again.

Tone-Setting Texture

Often flying under the radar, we tend to neglect the importance of texture in our spaces. By incorporating tactile diversity into your design, you can give a room a refined, finished look, while improving your overall mood. And it typically doesn’t take long to introduce a few great, textural adjustments.

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Textures, much like color, can evoke certain feelings to our senses by adding visual depth to a space. This sense of depth, scientifically speaking, adds dimension and expands our mental engagement with the physical spaces we inhabit. It may sound surprising, but enhancing the textural elements in a space often translates in the brain to that comfortable feeling of “home.”

While it will manifest differently from room to room, incorporating textiles, wood grains, metals, decorative accessories, and other interesting materials is what makes the space welcoming and uniquely yours. Sleek, shiny textures and geometric patterns tend to reinforce a more suave, cosmopolitan atmosphere, whereas organic shapes and natural fibered textiles often have the opposite effect, directing our senses back to the warm, cozy familiarity of nature.

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Throw pillows, rugs, wall hangings and lampshades can also add texture and dimension. On a larger scale, incorporating a stone or brick accent wall or woven wallpaper may be the perfect way to add charm and character to your space.

With today’s technology, picture-perfect, Pinterest board-worthy images and home inspiration are so easily accessible. It is not uncommon to get wrapped up in a certain aesthetic or to develop expectations of what you think your home should look like in comparison. However, you may come to find that although a certain look is certainly ‘pinnable,’ it may not inspire you in the way you initially expected.

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Smart, intentional changes to color and texture may be just the adjustment you need to feel your best in every space, helping to manifest your inherent creativity while creating warmth and familiarity in the spaces where you live, work, and entertain. What changes can you make in your space to better reflect you?