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Embracing Bold Bricksplashes

by Allie Roqueta

POSTED IN: Design Trends

From all 13,000 miles of the Great Wall of China to the whimsical domes of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, grand buildings and humble abodes alike, centuries have witnessed the steadfast presence of brick in architectural masterpieces around the world. With its sense of warm, textural contrast and timeless charm, brick has left a notable mark on our collective aesthetic consciousness.

Now, picture infusing that very essence into your kitchen, the heart of the home, through a brick backsplash. The result? An inviting space that exudes character and authenticity.

Heart of the Home

In essence, the home is composed of many bedrooms, bathrooms, and unique spaces – yet there is nothing like the kitchen. Serving as the place to nourish our bodies just as much as it is the place to gather and connect, the kitchen is a space where both our emotions and senses are activated.

While tile backsplashes have long been the customary choice, why limit your design in a space as important as the kitchen? For those seeking to add depth and richness to their walls, brick stands as the ultimate choice over conventional, cookie-cutter tile, offering a bold, more profound touch of texture.

Whether modern, wabi sabi, farmhouse, or industrial chic, your kitchen can become a testament to your individuality and style, where every detail tells a tale of thoughtful design.

Actualize Your Vision: Harmonious Spaces & the Art of Contrast

In the realm of kitchen design, where culinary artistry and functionality collide, practical application is key. Versatile and timeless, a brick backsplash has the ability to actualize the concept of your ‘dream kitchen’– whether it be a monochromatic masterpiece or a carefully curated palette.

For kitchens adorned with light-colored cabinetry, a brick backsplash takes center stage. Think of lighter shades of brick—creamy creams, cozy beiges, or soft grays—interacting with the cabinetry, creating an eye-catching façade of colors and textures that add depth and visual interest to the overall design.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, brick can act as the enigmatic companion to dark cabinetry. To add richness and drama to your space, allow dark wood tones or sleek black cabinets to intertwine with the opulence of brick­. Deep reds, burnt oranges, or sultry charcoal greys come alive when paired with a dramatic, saturated counterpart.

A bold bricksplash transforms your kitchen beyond the boundaries of convention, to create a space that tells your story—a tale of morning coffees, laughter shared, homework sessions, holiday gatherings and all the moments in between.

In a world brimming with ordinary, why not embrace the extraordinary?