October 30, 2014

Arrowhead Building Supply Expands Reach Eastward With Fairview Heights Location

Arrowhead Building Supply Expands Reach Eastward With Fairview Heights Location

A leader in the distribution of innovative products and solutions, Arrowhead expands reach of experienced customer service, full-service delivery fleet and building material portfolio

ROSWELL, Georgia (October 29, 2014) – In an effort to accomplish their mission of being “the best exterior supply company in the industry,” Arrowhead Building Supply has taken no shortcuts. From building a nationally recognized team of customer service professionals and the region’s largest delivery fleet, to offering innovative new building products and solutions, Arrowhead has prided itself on advancing the materials industry.

Now the company is preparing for the grand opening of its new facility - an 8,000 square foot showroom in Fairview Heights, Illinois. Located just 15 miles from St. Louis, the facility will be the company’s easternmost distributor. Long a leader in the distribution of innovative products and solutions, Arrowhead elected to make Boral Versetta Stone® a focal point of its design for the Fairview showroom.

Boral Versetta Stone® is a mortarless stone veneer, that uniquely delivers the authentic beauty of traditional stone masonry without the usual hassles and high costs associated with masonry applied stone. Made of lightweight aggregate materials that are approximately one-fourth the weight of full-thickness stone, the product’s lightweight, mechanical fastening system has allowed Arrowhead’s builders to quickly install the product. 

“The beauty of the Boral Versetta Stone® system is that it immediately puts professional contractors and carpenters into the stone business, because it excludes the use of mortar,” said Rick Pogue, Chief Management Officer, Arrowhead Building Supply, Inc. “This means it also excludes the messes and delays that usually accompany mortared stone installation. Boral Versetta Stone® is a no-brainer for professional contractors wishing to expand their talents and grow their businesses.”

Arrowhead specified Boral Versetta Stone® for the exterior perimeter of the building in a 4-foot wainscot application and all the way to the ceiling at the building’s entry. The product was used in the miniature “Outside Elegance” home in the showroom and also to clad the interior walls of the indoor café. The structure and components of Boral Versetta Stone® were ideal for the facility. Designed to effectively manage moisture by allowing water to be safely passed through to the bottom of the wall system, the benefits of the product also help to prevent mold growth.

Using patented and innovative delivery systems to service their markets, Arrowhead offers same-day service within 100 miles of all locations. The addition of the Fairview showroom further extends the company’s delivery range. Arrowhead’s job lockers, which help contractors store materials and tools safely onsite, and a fleet of shingle recycling bins and a full-service shingle recycling processing facility on site for use by roofing contractors will also be part of the Arrowhead package available at the new location.

“Arrowhead Building Supply is the most unique building supplier in the industry,” Pogue added. “Everything about our business model exemplifies 1-EXPEDIENCY for the contractor, and 2-VALUE for the contractor. We are not afraid to invest heavily in our business in order to ensure both remain our hallmark. We even design and build our own delivery equipment which includes items such as our pull and lift systems, which hydraulically transfer roofing material to the rear of the truck bed for ease of off-loading."



About Boral Versetta Stone®

Boral Versetta Stone® provides architects and builders broad design options for new construction to remodelling, exterior walls to stunning interiors. Because Boral Versetta Stone® is a mortarless stone veneer, it simplifies the installation of stone, thereby decreasing the time and cost associated with installation.


About Boral USA

Headquartered in Roswell, Georgia, Boral USA, through its subsidiaries, is a leading manufacturer in the building material industry.  Boral USA’s subsidiaries include Boral Bricks, the top manufacturer of brick in the United States; Boral Roofing, the nation’s leading manufacturer of clay and concrete roof tiles; Boral Stone Products LLC, maker of Cultured Stone® by Boral®, a leading brand of manufactured stone veneer; Boral Composites Inc., manufacturer of Boral TruExterior Siding and Trim, a new category of sustainable exterior building products which reside in the poly-ash category; and Boral Material Technologies LLC, a leading marketer of coal combustion byproducts.

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