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Belly Up to the Bar – A Guide for Designing Your Ideal Entertaining Space

by Allie Roqueta

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Cocktails with friends is on the calendar. Now comes the hard part. Which bar is the right spot for this group? Are they the type that care about the cocktails? Will they comment on the aesthetic? Are they looking for “dark and stormy,” or “the brighter, the better?” You take all of this into consideration before choosing the right spot.

But when creating your bar at home, you’re the only person you have to keep in mind. What do you want to feel? Where do you want to be transported? Tuscany? Your favorite German pub? Napa?

As you set out to bring the bar home, remember the best part is that you’re really designing for you. Here’s how to do it well:

Choose Your Style

Every trendy club or laidback lounge space has its own distinct look and feel, and a unique identity that would be difficult to replicate. The same should be true of your home bar or outdoor entertaining area, so it’s important to start by deciding on a style that will feel uniquely you.

Do you want to be transported to the Bahamas? To pretend you’re sipping wine in Italy? Or would you rather feel like you’re drinking a cold one in a ski lodge? Whatever your preference, choose a style direction and run with it.

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Incorporate Texture
There’s no reason to book a trip to go drinking in the Alps when you can bring the mountains home. Stone can help add textural touches where there aren’t any at first, and adding texture is never a mistake. The use of tactile elements and surfaces will quickly take your vision to the next level and help the rest of the details fall into place. Start by choosing stone and then add complementary colors from there.

If you’re leaning more towards a lighter pallet, we’d suggest using the crisp, bright Arctic Pro-Fit Terrain Ledgestone. The white stone will pop even more if your outdoor bar space includes evergreens. If you’re looking for more of a bold speakeasy feel, try adding in the deep and stormy Dark Ridge Pro-Fit Alpine Ledgestone.

Garnish with a Signature Style

When creating a home bar, remember that the small details are often the things that set the space apart. Of course, texture and color are essential, but combining them with a great bar cart, your favorite decanter, and the right glassware will make it feel like the sanctuary you need.

And put that passion for mixology to good use while you’re at it—when you christen your new home bar and entertaining space, do it with a unique-to-you cocktail.

You can make any hour a happy hour at home with inspiration from your favorite places, stunning texture, and a few of your favorite flavors. Whether you’re building a cozy spot for drinks under the stars or completely reimagining a basement or garage space as an entertainer’s oasis, we’re here to help.

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